Penis Envy?

Out of the frying pan into the waste disposal….

A woman drugs her husband, ties him up, cuts off his dick and puts it in the kitchen sink, that just happens to have a waste disposal unit, and grinds up the precious penis to the consistency of pattie meat.  And you wonder why I’m still single.  Apart from the cringe factor, the insanity of it all makes me want to bury my head in the sand.  This was premeditated.  Had to be.  You don’t come up with this on the spur of the moment like deciding to clog your arteries by eating McDonalds every day.  Maybe she should have hung onto the severed member and sold it to Chaz Bono…..

No deal on the debt ceiling as yet, the Republicans are refusing to budge.  I’m still glad I can’t vote, since neither party is worthy of my attention.  In any case, anyone that spends more than they earn is doomed to financial ruin anyway.  Why should the government be any different.  It is just a matter of time, and time is the fire in which we all burn.

In what can only be described as a brilliant state legislation endeavour, Michigan has elected to put a 4 year limit on Welfare.  Finally! At last someone had the balls to stand up and denounce the bloodsucking leeches that are the single parents (usually women, because how often do fathers get to keep their kids before or after a divorce) that breed incessantly and live off welfare.  I’m not denouncing ALL women (before you start threatening to cut off MY dick) but you know exactly the type I am referring to, and you can’t possibly come to their defense.  You see them at WalMart with their 7 kids and a box of food stamps on a regular basis (or at Target if they want to shop at an upscale store ha ha ha OK I’m laughing too hard).  It is about time that we all recognized that there is a large group of individuals with multiple rug rats that are draining the welfare system, and it really does need to stop.  Next we just need to do the same for illegal aliens…..

Californians are complaining (who would have thought it) about the 405 being closed down for 56 hours.  Really.  That must suck.  There are roads around me that havew been shut down for 56 days.  Get over yourselves.  You are not important, you do not have a choice in the matter, and more to the point, I don’t give a %^k.  If you don’t like it, move to Nebraska.  They don’t have enough roads to close at any time of the year.

Speaking of CA, I wonder if Arnold will be back?  I seriously doubt it.  Maria should have cut his dick off:-)



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Part time photographer, full time geek, motorcycle zealot, avid reader, and most importantly, unbiased. Unless politics is the subject of discussion.
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