The Face Of Things To Come.

A quick update to the last entry.  Apparently the death of a 93 year old man prompted the local Electricity suppliers to refrain from cutting off the power in the middle of winter to people who could not pay their bills.  It took the murder of a 93 year old man to make them see the error of their ways.  Maybe if the utility companies are allowed to kill people and THEN realize they made a mistake, we should forgive the military for killing innocent civilians AS WELL as the targets they were aiming at.  Just a thought.
Back to reality.
I had no money invested with Bernie Madoff.  For those of you that did, I have very little sympathy.  Sounds terrible I know, but to be honest all the warnings were there.  No one else could guarantee 10% returns on any investment (except Madoff of course).  All Wall Street had a pretty good idea that something was amiss, but the promise of that extra few % profit was enough to blind all those people that should have known better.  Greed.  Greed got in the way of common sense (not so common as we all know) and intelligence (even more rare) and they all paid the price.  And then they have the temerity to cry about it.  My sympathy lies with the 93 year old man who froze to death in his own home.  Draw your own conclusions.
The shuttle landed safely.  I have noticed that it generally does, assuming it survives the take off.
Currently the lights are going out for Earth Day, but I find it hard to type in the dark, so mine are still on.  I’m with you all, in spirit.
A lawyer was stabbed 38 times in Chicago.  By her husband of all people.  Correct, a female lawyer, stabbed to death by her husband.  We have yet to hear what his excuse (sorry, motive) was.  The odd thing about this story is that there has and always will be a pattern to murders that involve stabbing.   It usually takes more than one stab to actually kill someone.  Generally, get stabbed once and you end up with some stitches (been there done that).  Get stabbed twice, and you get more stitches and possibly, if the assailant knew what he or she was doing, a trip to the ER (rare in most cases).  So where are we going with this?  Well, get stabbed 38 times and you may well get a visit from the grim reaper.  The key here is the number of times you actually need to stab someone to kill them.  It is incredibly difficult unless you manage to hit the heart, lungs, and/or liver, and even then, most victims bleed to death as opposed to actually being killed immediately, which takes time.  I would seriously avoid using a knife to kill someone.  It is extremely messy, takes an inordinate amount of time, and leaves all sorts of evidence for the law enforcement agencies to use in their efforts to find you, assuming you can clean off all the blood and make your escape. 
The Conficker worm.  Which genious came up with that name?  Bad enough that it exists, but why Conficker?  Do they have a group of geeks locked in a padded cell that are used to come up with stupid shit like this, or do they rely on the government like everyone else?
And I’m getting tired of companies using the word "Stimulus" in their advertising campaigns.  Domino’s Pizza is the latest.  I kid you not, pizza stimulus packages.  Bad enough they use that method of selling their wares, but I find it incredibly insulting that they (the corporations, fast food comapnies et al) actually do think that the population in general is that stupid.  Now, where is that hunting knife……

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