What is a life worth?

Apparently, not much in todays economic climate.  The story of the hour is the death of a 93 year old man who froze to death in his own home after the local electricity company installed a limiter on his supply which apparently shut off his power.  It was 32F in the house when a friend/neighbor discovered the body.
For the first time in months I’m actually lost for the words needed to describe this absolute travesty.  I’m afraid to grow old.  The contemptible absolute horror of a human being that gave the thumbs up to this act of derisible torture deserves to rot in hell (assuming there is one) for eternity.  This is yet another example of why I am right.  The stupid gene is inherent in us all and it just shows up unanounced at the worst possible moments.  There are no words to punctuate my utter hatred of a segment of the population that can sleep at night after commiting what can only be described as a premeditated murder.  What is even more frustrating is that no one will be reprimanded, punished, villified or fired for this act.  People will forget that it happened, life will go on, and nothing will change.  Human beings basically suck.
On a lighter note…….
Obama is in, Bush is out, and the economy is in the toilet.  The unemployment rate rises faster than my blood pressure, and we are, in effect, screwed.  I have often wondered what would happen in this scenario.  To be honest I was more leaning toward an Oil induced fracture of the economy rather than a financial one although that was always on the cards due to predatrory lending practices and the amount of public debt carried by the population, but it seems that the one thing which was always there just below the surface finaly rose above the quagmire of fossil fuels and global warming to come and bite us all in the arse.  Greed.  Yep, one of the seven deadly sins (deadly especially if you are 93 and can’t pay your electricity bill) that we were all warned about in that little novel called The Holy Bible.  The greed of the few has in fact come back to haunt the many.  Of course, the one saving grace here is that the end results affect everyone, even those that worship invisble deities, which just geos to show you that your God, whoever he is, basically does not give a fuck about you or anyone else.  We all get to suffer.  One more reason not to got to church.
The pilot that managed to land in the Hudson is gifted, smart, educated, and seriously lucky.  Any landing you can walk away from…….
Apparently the Porn industry is suffering in the current recession.  Does anyone really care?  I’m more worried about putting food on the table and keeping my electricity on than Jenna Jameson not getting enough DVD exposure (pun intended).  If Larry Flint needs a new wheel chair I’m sure they can all chip in and buy him one when the chips are actually down.  None of them deserve, nor will the receive, any of my sympathy (not that I actually have any).
I personally like Obama, and I hope he manages to turn things around.  He is probably the best thing to happen to this country since JFK and Bill Clinton, so we shall see how it pans out.  It remains to be seen.  So far, he has a lot of opposition, but if thigs get worse (and believe me they will) that opposition will start to waver since the threat of populations rioting against innefectual and irrational government (the REASON we are allowed to bear arms people) will make them think twice about preventing Obama and his administration for fixing the mess the Government actually aided and abbetted in the first place (if you don’t understand that let me know and I will be happy to explain).  I can barely contain myself.
Well, this is a short (and overdue) update and now I have to earn a living, so back to the grindstone.  Pay those bills people.  it is cold outside.

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Part time photographer, full time geek, motorcycle zealot, avid reader, and most importantly, unbiased. Unless politics is the subject of discussion.
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