The world is not enough.

I’m back.  With a fucking vengeance.  $700 Billion dollars?  A lot of things make me angry of late, John let’s go to war McCain, Sarah cool lenses Pallin, the US governemnt, religion, the cost of groceries, bad driving, the stupid gene and most of all, the American public.  Are you honestly going to sit back and take this shit?  It’s embarrassing!  This is your money for the next ten years going down the toilet.  The national federal debt is at 53 trillion and climbing, and in one scrawl of GW’s pen you just acquired another trillion dollars worth of bad debt.  Even the bleeding heart liberals are squirming in their leather upholstered seats!  Me, I’m just pissed off because I have every right to be.  As a middle class hardworking individual, I get shanked with the tab.  It really sucks.  I’m glad I don’t have any kids though, one saving grace.  I won’t have to watch them starve to death when both oil and food run out.
OK, I feel better.  Not a lot, but enough to get a bit more down on electronic paper.
Obama must be feeling the stress.  Recent photographs of him seem to show his weight loss, scrawny neck and big ears.  He reminds me of Will Smith, whom I would rather see running for pres actually.  At least he does not sit back and take any shit from invading aliens, flesh eating zombies, criminals or robots.  That sums up most of the elected officials I think.
If McCain gets elected, he won’t live long anyway, so I don’t rerally care.  I can’t vote (yet, but my time is coming and I can be extremely patient when I want something badly enough).  If I could vote, big bad John would not be on the list.  I don’t care for Obama much but the lesser of two evils and all that……   Biden is an idiot.  I’m surprised he can stand up without instructions, but I guess you have to have a vice.  Sorry, vice president.  I’d like to see Biden and McCain in the boxing ring.  Close your eyes and see that image.  No point putting Obama in the ring with either of those two, he would beat the shit out of them both.  He’s from Chicago and he’s black.  He also has youth on his side (and nothing else as far as I can tell).
Bill Maher has a new movie coming out friday about religion.  Well, anti religion actually.  My favorite subject.  He attacks that shit with the kind of veracity I usually reserve for the dumbest people on the planet (which is most of them).  I eat bread almost every day.  It’s called a fucking sandwich, not the body of Christ.  Get a grip.
Anyone heard from the Pope lately?  Nope, neither have I.  Good.  Keep it that way.  Seems the Catholic priests have stopped fucking little boys lately too.  Not much in the news about their extra curricular activities of late.  Good.  Keep it that way.
We can’t even win the war on drugs.  How the fuck are we going to win the war in Iraq?
GM, Ford, Chrysler….  Apart from the fact they do, have and always will make shit vehicles, they are also responsible for a big portion of the current financial crisis, and are also begging for handouts ($25 Billion each at the last count) to save their respective businesses.  Fuck em.  Sell Ford to Toyota, let the Germans dismantle Chrysler, and GM can die a slow (or fast) death, whichever they prefer.  Who owns a Chrysler anyway?  Put the money into healthcare for the poor and those who earn less than $32k a year ( the government like to call them low income families, but they are poor because the minimum wage in this country is the lowest in the developed world, a sad fact the US goverment seems to be proud of) and the rest into schools.
Wall Street Investment Analysts season.  That should be added to the deer hunting season, turkey hunting season (one and the same?) etc etc etc……
My 401K was quite diversified, but not quite enough it would seem.  $7k lost in a couple of months.  Hardly worth investing at all at the moment.
Well, back to the daily grind.  Hopefully I will still have a job tomorrow.

About rjbirkett

Part time photographer, full time geek, motorcycle zealot, avid reader, and most importantly, unbiased. Unless politics is the subject of discussion.
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