How to win friends and influence people.

I have often wondered how politicians can sleep at night after all the mistakes they make, the ridicule they heap on other people (OK, politicians are not exactly people but give me some leeway), and the general lack of respect they have for real people, remember those, the ones they are supposed to represent?  Take Obama for a first example.  He’s behind in the polls right now which is hardly surprising.  He spent his entire campaign being the good guy, not insulting his oponents intelligence, being polite for the most part, some would say diplomatic even, and in general an excellent example at what a human being should be.  But he’s behind in the polls.  And his reserve finally gave way when he started hitting back at the Clintons.  Because he’s behind in the polls.  It is comforting to see another human being reduced the kind of behaviour we have come to expect from our elected officials.  It proves Obama is just another lying, decietful, childish, pissed off shit head who does not deserve to represent this country, and he belongs with the rest of the idiots like McCain, Bush et al.  He is just another sore loser who is getting his ass handed to him by a woman, and he is not man enough to fucking deal with it.  I hope Hillary wins the election, maybe then this asshole will hang himself and be done with it.  For a while there, he had my respect and even in some small way my admiration for holding out for so long, but now, we can see his true colors, and they are the same as almost all the politicians on capitol hill, and it proves that being black has fuck all to do with anything.  They are the same inside as everyone else.
I feel better now.  That rant was spontaneous I will admit, but it relieves tension.
On a more serious note, and one I often grind about, the sick twisted MF who made the child sex tape is still on the run.  I hope the police and FBI and any other agency don’t catch him.  I want that POS to be found by a couple of angry pissed off red necks, wich machetes and guns, hiding out in a garage somewhere, so they can work him over and cut him into small pieces while he is still alive.  Better yet, if Dexter (from the showtime series on TV) could be let loose on him, that would make for great TV and would rid this earth of a true waste of humanity (not that this shitheel has any).  Why is there no death penaly for child sex abusers?  If the latest Supreme Court really needed to do anything constructive right now, make THAT crime punishable by death.  The nine justices currently hacking out a new updated set of laws etc should have that at the top of the list, but, alas, it is not even slated for review.  How is it that a group of well educated, intelligent, articulate and sensible individuals have their priorities so fucking far out of whack?  You want to find out an "opinion" judge?  Ask the mothers of all the small children in this country what the penalty for a child sexual assault should be.  All those in favor say aye!
Favre is still throwing the football around.  I could care less.  That game sucks.  Take away the armour and pads and the crash helmet and play rugby.  Pussies.
It was another bad weekend for Chelsea.  The Russian asshole that owns the club fired the long time (winning I might add) manager, and things have basically gone to ratshit.  I hope he has a whole slew of sleepless nights along with all the politicians who keep fucking up as well.
And on the subject of law, order and justice, what do we do about the assholes at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport?  A mother of three died while in custody.  I bet no one gets fired, reprimanded, or hung out to dry for that one either.  The American Justice system at work for you all.  Those assholes should be made to tell the children that they were directly responsible for their mothers death.  I hope they don’t sleep at night either along with all the politicians.
The Taliban has stated once and for all that they will NEVER negotiate.  OK.  Fine.  We should just keep killing them until there are none left to negotiate with.  Problem solved.  We are doing quite well at this point.  If you average it out, it is about 3 a day.  They don’t breed like rabbits, so in 5 or six years we can close the chapter in this little historical endeavour and go home.  I admit, it would be nice if we could speed things up a bit but we are still hacking out a foothold in Iraq, and the sport is better there apparently.  And Iraq makes for better headlines too.
The Pacific Ring of Fire (no, not an asshole suffering from red hot wings) is becoming extremely active again, with three very large earthquakes recently.  Not anything in the order of magnitude that killed 200,000 at Christmas recently (the irony never escapes me on that one, where was God that day, wathching Bret Favre throw a pigskin around a field?) but still quite scary nonetheless.  No big surfing waves but a taste of things to come perhaps?  If you live on a tiny island where your house is only 12 inches above sea level, here is some really good advice.  Move.
Here is some interesting advice for parents.  Give small amounts of alcohol to your kids under supervision, and it will help prevent binge drinking.  In addition the FDA says don’t give your small kids cough and flu meds.  I have long been an advocate for NOT handing out massive doses of drugs for things such as the common cold, since all it does is dull the immune system in children and makes them prone to being sick for the rest of their lives.  The chioce is of course yours, but think back to when you were a kid.  The vast array of drugs now available did not exist and you are still around, right?  If you can’t see the logic, don’t read the blog.  You are too stupid.  As for alcohol, well, you can die for your country at 18, but having never tasted a jack and coke?  Bullshit.  There is still no sustainable argument for that one.  This is the only country in the world that has such a astupid fucking law, and it IS stupid.  Only a group of sleep deprived tired old religious politicians could have concocted that one.  Oh.  Wait.  They did.  Why am I not surprised.
Until next time.

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Part time photographer, full time geek, motorcycle zealot, avid reader, and most importantly, unbiased. Unless politics is the subject of discussion.
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One Response to How to win friends and influence people.

  1. Phil says:

    Hey it\’s great to see you blogging again! And once again I agree with everything you wrote… Actually I\’m glad to see Chelsea struggling. Will they ever hire a Englishman for manager? Unfortunately Spurs are struggling also…

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