In the toilet.

Well, not exactly news is it considering recent events in airport bathrooms.  So, what exactly is in the toilet this week?  B. Spears music career?  The housing market?  NASDAQ?  Kevin Fedeline?  Who knows.  George Bush is still president for reasons I can’t fathom, and Bill Clinton is back on the lecture circuit.  I suppose he needs the money.
Barney rubble and Fred Flintstone.  George Bush and Dick Cheney.  Draw (pun intended) your own conclusions.  What prompted this?  That damned Gecko (Geico, sorry) commercial.  If ever a lizard needed to be deep fried.
The news has been rather quiet this week except for a few little missives that cropped up.  A new report reminded us yet again that in a few years (about fifty actually) a lot of ice will have melted off the polar caps.  If you see beach front propert for sale in Arizona you will know the scientists were in fact corect  in their projections and you may want to buy a stretch of sand outside Phoenix if you have any equity left in your house.
Bin Laden released a new video today.  Unfortunately it was of him.  I get the impression he is still on the run but taunting the authorities (which ones, I have no idea) and the sad fact is it is news.  It would be better to just ignore him, not show the video or even report it.  Everyone hates being ignored, and I’m sure he is no different.  He should release a "Best Of" compilation, and add a few bloopers.  That would be newsworthy I suppose, but some fucking wanker with a beard and a towel on his noggin complaining about America and capitolism is hardly new or newsworthy for that matter.  He will die soon enough.  The average life expectancy of an arab hiding out in the desert is quite short, and he is no different from any other arab hiding out in the desert.  Stress is a killer.
It rained again here.  I think summer is almost over, and fall (autumn?) is winning the battle.  I hate clearing up leaves.  Everyone in the neighborhood does it so I feel guilt if my yard looks like shit.  Peer pressure.  Bummer.  So, a short and boring blog unfortunately.  Until the stupid gene rears its ugly head this weekend (I can almost gurantee it will) there is little to comment on.  I’m sure many of you will not subscribe to that statement, but I’m in charge of my own blog if not my own destiny, so deal with it.  Back tomorrow for more (or less) commentary.

About rjbirkett

Part time photographer, full time geek, motorcycle zealot, avid reader, and most importantly, unbiased. Unless politics is the subject of discussion.
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