Labor Day! Again.

 The English are leaving!  The English are leaving!  I can just imagine the rhetorical chants in Iraq as the remaining British troops pull out and leave for good.  It took a while (and Gordon Brown) to realize that there really is no point in staying in iraq because those stupid fuckers are intent on killing each other as they have done for thousands of years.  Let them go at it.  Give them all the guns and ammunition they need (as if they don’t have enough stashed away already) and leave them to their own devices.  If we are going to build a wall anywhere, forget Mexico and build one around Iraq instead.  ith the money already spent on the war it would be finished by now.
You have GOT to love the Pope.  Apparently there is only one true Reich (sorry, Church) and it’s his.  Something similar happend in the early 40’s if my memory serves me right.  You have to give him credit.  Hew knows how to piss off the masses en mass (pardon the intended pun).  There is something frightening about a lone german standing on a balcony preaching to a million followers…..
More public scandal for the Democrats and Republicans.  It seems a lot of them are coming out of the (water) closet lately and/or getting caught IN the (water) closet.  I hate everyone equally, queer, straight, purple, brown, catholic, protestant or Sox fan, so I could care less, but people in a position of trust and elected officials ought to know better than attempting to solicit a blow job in an airport bathroom.  Thats just fucking stupid.  I hope he burns in hell, or whatever end awaits him depending on his religion.  I doubt it will be 70 virgins.
It stopped raining here in the north west of Chicago over a week ago.  Myself and the neighbors had considered building an Ark of our own.  I live right by the river and the water was rising at an alarming rate for quite a while there.  I don’t believe in God so I was quite sure I would be drowning in no time, but fortunately for me, my neighbors go to church so I was spared because they prayed for me, my house and my dog.  I don’t even like my neighbors accross the street, but apparently thet makes no difference to them.  Weird.  I don’t think there will be any virgins waiting for me either, assuming there are any left.  My punisment will probably entail being stuck in the mens room at an airport for all eternity.
North Korea is off the endangered list.  What?  Oh, sorry, the Axis Of Evil list.  Apparently they are dismantling their nuclear program, which should take about an hour since its in the garden shed outdside the parliament building.  Give me a break.  They can’t feed everyone in the country or provide everyone with fresh water, so how the fuck are they going to build nuclear weapons.  Build a bigger garden shed?  They are about as dangerous as a pig with a shotgun.
According to CNN, Edwards is ahead of Clinton in the polls (and Obama, but he does not count anyway).  That sucks.  Edwards is a moron.  Clinton needs to win this election and get rid of the old school tie brigate at once.  Those wankers are the ones that got us into this mess in the first place.  They should all be sent to Iraq to replace the Brits who just left.
A woman wins the eating contest in no time, which is great.  I hope they show that video to all the starving peoples of the third world.  Democracy at work.  We have so much food we have contests to see who can eat the most in the shortest time, and they watch their children die daily for want of a bowl of rice and some powdered milk.  I have a new idea fior a competition.  Send those contestants to Rwanda and see how long they can live WITHOUT eating.  I would definitely watch that reality TV show.
Bush paid a surprise visit to Iraq today.  I’m surprised he even knows where it is let alone how to find it on a map.  I have a tarantula that is smarter than that excuse for a man.  Next time he should let them know he’s coming.  I’d like to see that fucker dodging bullets as he hops of the jet.  Run Forrest, run!
I feel sorry for the miners that are presumed dead in Utah.  That is a shitty way to die.  I hope they rest in peace.
And in yet another final blow to the male oriented regime of the UK military, we have a female Beefeater.  I could launch a tirade right here and now about how infantile that is, but I can’t be bothered.  There are bigger fish to fry in the coming days.
I apologize for being gone for so long.  Time is the fire in which we all burn, and I never seem to have enough hours in the day.  For the 3 or 4 people who read this, I will attempt to keep this going every day from now on.  I have weeks and months of pent up wit to unleash on the world, and someone kicked me into action this morning, so we are back on track.  And of course, I’m not working today because it’s LABOR DAY!

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Part time photographer, full time geek, motorcycle zealot, avid reader, and most importantly, unbiased. Unless politics is the subject of discussion.
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