Fat Bastards!

Here is some old news with a new twist.  Americans are unhealthy.  That’s right, you heard it here last, U.S citizens are dying at an unprecedented rate because of their life style, food addiction, poor excercise and the terrible spectre of diabetes.  So, what else is new?  We already talked about the fat people, the stupid gene and the irrevocable link between the two.  Basically, if you are fat, there is no one to blame but yourself.
Take the Fatmanwalking as an example.  He lost only 100 pounds in the months he spent walking over 2000 miles from California to New York.  He started out at 410lbs and ended up just over 300lbs.  How did he manage to keep his weight up I ask you?  Don’t get me wrong, I admire the fact he walked all that way since most Americans won’t walk to Starbucks or the toilet, but still, all that excercise and only 100lbs lost?  And why?  Because he "acceidentally" killed two old age pensioners in a car accident?  How do you do that?  How do you drive over a couple of retirees in broad daylight?  Anyway, irrespective of the death toll inflicted on the population by vehicular manslaughter, the health issue is the big problem.  In a recent and quite detailed study, it was stated that Americans were more unhealthy than the British.  Holy shit, we eat fish and chips cooked in animal fat, smoke like chimneys and drink warm beer (according to the Americans) so how come we live longer and are in better shape?  Diabetes rates were twice that of the UK, so were cancer rates, and Americans life expectancy (sans murder by automobile) was less than that of the average angry Brit.  I think if the US put sidewalks back in place, instigated a better public transport system and educated children in the finer points of life expectancy, we would all live longer, but that is not going to happen so I’m off to have a smoke and a beer.  Good luck to anyone over 230lbs.
The facts of life.  Do you ever remember that phrase, the birds and the bees, sex?  I’m not sure what birds and bees have to do with geting laid, but in general, you mostly have to figure this stuff out for yourself.  If you are ugly and stupid and fat you don’t learn too much.  For the rest of us we have a pretty good shot of getting some practice in early on in life.  Theoretically, we should all for the most part be educated enough to figure out what needs to be done to start a family.  Unfortunately, that is only half the issue.  In most countries, having a family (kids, basically) can be quite expensive and time consuming.  Ask anyone who went that route and see what a variety of answers you get.  Consequently, because of many factors, the birth rates in several "developed" countries is falling, and not because the fat ugly people don’t know how to reproduce. They know only too well unfortunately.  The birth rate for Catholics is rising, but since that is a self sustaining religion I’m not fucking surprised (pun intended).  This is apparently news, even though this has been happening for many years, both in the UK, and many countries in Europe.  In the US, it is also a problem, compounded by the fact that more deaths occurr in the first 24 hours for newborns than in any other developed country.  This is an embarrassing fact for the US since it has supposedly the best and most advanced healthcare system on the planet.  Apparently not.  So all in all, we are at a crossroads, and the path forward is unclear.  We can let the Catholics handle repopulation, or we can make having a family affordable and persuade the Pope to allow contraception (don’t get me started….).  The same problem is also apparent in Russia where the population is dropping overall by about 700,000 a year.  I wonder how they dispose of 700,000 bodies a year?  What a lot of holes to dig.
A man died today trying to save a drowning dog.  A woman died in Hawaii after saving one son carried away in strong ocean currents and diving in to save the other.  Now, which one of those stories plucks at the old heart strings?  The brave woman trying to save her child from drowning, or the stupid fuck trying to save a dog?  BTW, I don’t swerve my truck and risk killing myself or anyone coming in the opposite direction if a dog, a squirrell or a Sox fan runs out into the road in front of me when I’m doing 40mph.  You can make your own decisions on the efficacy of that choice.
1091 dead in Iraq in one month.  Most of the dead were Iraquis.  So, 12 months at 1091 a month would give us about 13,000 dead a year.  How many years would it take for them to kill each other off I wonder?  Could we wait that long?  I’m not very patient myself, so I would probably ask them to speed things up, take it up a notch or two, just to get it over with by, say 2025, when the oil crunch would really be hitting us hard.  If we could get the Iraquis to kill each other faster, we could just stay there and take all the oil when there were none of them left.
Iran is another issue altogether.  I don’t know what is going to happen in the short term, but I do know this.  If that prick starts any shit with the Israelis, it will be over very quickly, and there won’t be much left of Iran when all is said and done.  Egypt made the same mistake a long time ago, and six days later, a couple of hundred thousand dead Egyptian troops, no air force and no artillery or tanks left to speak of, they decided it was not a good idea after all.  The US/EU invasion of Iraq was easy.  You want to see a mismatch of epic proportions?  Wait till Israel takes on Iran.  It’s the killer whale and the baby seal scenario all over again.  I can’t wait to see the smile wiped off the Iranian presidents face as he sees the start of david raised over the capitol building. 

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One Response to Fat Bastards!

  1. Phil says:

      We should be OK in population here in the US. That genius Bush and the senate are taking care of Immigration Reform which I call Amnesty for all illegal immigrants. Pity the law abiding immigrants who played by the rules and waited and waited and waited for that citizenship.
     Great season by Chelsea. Let\’s hope they do better in Europe next season.
     And that was a good tip on Death Cab for Cutie, they are putting out some great music. I\’m going to the UK this summer and with any luck I will attend the Snow Patrol gig in leeds millenium square.
    take it easy Robespierre

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