Something wicked this way comes.

Thats right.  Something wicked is coming in the guise of an oil crash.  How many of you have no access to public transportation?  How many of you can afford $5 a gallon for regular gas when your V8 needs a refill?  What will that do to your disposable income when you spend $400 a month on the "essence" (French for gas, a well deserved name)?  I admit, more people are becoming aware of the impending problem, but most seem blissfully ignorant of the effect that this will have on normalcy (pun intended).  I for one eagerly await the crash, mostly because I want to see just how much people will take before they do something constructive like get rid of all the useless politicians, elect someone who will actually listen to sane educated people, and start preparing for the end of the oil based society.  We are already 15 years behind Europe, and are now falling so far behind in developing sustainable energy economies that the end of oil will be upon us before we are even half prepared to deal with it.  I suppose one positive aspect is that immigration problems will basically be at an end.  Most people will be leaving the country instead of trying to get in, including the Mexicans.
The Palestinians are hell bent on self destruction.  Another suicide bombing in Tel Aviv does nothing for their supposed road map to peace, and now that Iran is offering $50 million to support the newly elected HAMMAS government, I’m sure Israel will do whatever it deems necessary to crush the movement once and for all.  We really need to send a simple and devastatingly clear message to Iran.  A few bunker buster bombs on their enrichment facilities would be a start, but there are enough mercenaries with high powered rifles that would accept a $1 million contract on the Iranian presidents head too.  A cheap and simple option, except for the fact that Reagan banned political assasinations.  I will probably get a lot of flak for this post but be warned.  Iran is the 4th largest producer of oil in the world.  If they turn off the taps, it will be you that is freezing to death come winter, not the Iranians. Will you still disagree with me when your kids are dying of cold and starvation in the middle of a bleak winter, or will you want someone to do something about it?  We will see if I am right before the year is out.
Chelsea win again.  Phil knows what I’m talking about.  Most of you won’t.  A pity, since it is the greatest sport on the planet.
Speaking of Boston, some idiot was shot at (and presumably hit) while trying to escape the said law enforcement officials in his SUV while driving, handcuffed, on the sidewalk.  Life is just strange.  How did he "escape" from the police who put the cuffs on him?  How did he manage to procure the keys and the SUV if he was effectively in custody?  And why did they wait to shoot the stupid git?  I wonder if we will get the truth for this little mishap.
San Fran marked another anniversary, this time nothing to do with homosexuals, more to do with utter destruction (one of my favorite subjects).  The 1906 quake was a big one on any scale.  Apparently, the news is that they are not prepared for a sequel.  No shit.  Really?  Who would have thought.  I’m speechless.  I was under the impression that we had mother nature under control, and we could build quake proof buildings and prevent the total destruction of SF with the wave of modern technology.  Well, guess what, we can’t.  The population density is such that three times the death toll will be closer to the final number, assuming no major fires, and that is a conservative estimate.  If it happens on a Tuesday afternoon at 3, most people will die at their cubicle.  What a way to go, staring at Microsoft Windows and wishing you had a real job.  Life sucks and then you die.

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Part time photographer, full time geek, motorcycle zealot, avid reader, and most importantly, unbiased. Unless politics is the subject of discussion.
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