History will teach us nothing….

Yeah, the title of a Sting song, political in nature, a little egocentric and satirical, but as accurate as they come.  It has been a busy time since my last blog entry, dealing with stupid shit, stupid people, taxes (same thing really), bad weather and rising gas prices (natural and oil derived:-).  But the good thing is, as usual, a vast amount of material has been provided to me free of charge by the rest of the human race in their ever increasing rush to consume the planet and destroy each other.  Oh allright, it’s not that bad but it is still messy.
The blame game culminated in several vanishing acts, a new replacement and a lot of finger pointing when it came down to who was at fault for the poor FEMA reaction to New Orleans and the little problem related to water damage.  Home Depot and Menards will no doubt post huge profits when all is said and done, but the personal toll and the general suffering appears to be continuing unabated as insurance companies refuse to pay up and people are still living in tents as the next series of storms approach.  Here is my humble advice.  Fucking move!  Go and live in Arizona, or Utah or anywhere but on that section of the American coastline.  You people remind me of those morons that live on the beach in Florida.  You board up your windows and batton down the hatches every year, your shit still gets beaten down and destroyed, yet you rebuild it every time and expect that it won’t ever happen again.  Look, we have atomic bombs that can kill thousands in one go.  Nature created a small wave with a 3000 mile range that killed 200,000 people in an afternoon.  Don’t argue with nature.  It will surely kick your ass and you will likely die in the process.  There is a reason that most of Florida was unpopulated when the Spanish "discovered" it and tried to cross parts of it.  Mosquitoes, marshes, lots of flooded wetlands, aligators, no people and really bad WEATHER!  Most of them died not surprisingly, and people are still dying.  You would think the human race would have learned by now, but no, we still throw caution to the wind along with all the historical evidence to show that it is not an ideal place to live, and persist in our efforts to hang onto that little piece of land with a view of the ocean and a flooded basement.
A 9 year old boy made a call to 911 as his mother or aunt or whatever lay dying on the kitchen floor, and was told to stop playing on the phone.  Draw your own conclusions on this one but I for one was consumed with rage for about an hour while trying to decide the most cruel and eternal torture for that bastard that answered the call.  It was and still is a disgrace that a service that is supposed to save lives seems also to be quite adept at efficiently ending lives in the same breath.  They should hang the MF from a public lamp post and leave them to rot in the summer sun, a constant reminder of the ignorance and stupidity of human beings with no conscience.
On a lighter note, the Italians captured the Mafia boss who had been on the run for 40 years or more.  In his home town.  On his home island.  Great fucking policework.  Its a good job the Italian police were not in charge of the OJ Simpson case.
Scientology.  Tom Cruise.  South Park.  Some of the best exaples of comedy, stupidity, ignorance, bullshit, lies, and irrational behaviour seen to date in the entertainment world.  I love it.  South Park is awesome.  I can’t get away with what they can, people would crucify me (Easter is almost upon us so excuse the pun).  But to have tom and "The Chef" go after the show because you did not like the content?  Laughable.  This truly is an impossible mission…….
Looks like the Iranians are well on the way to becoming a member of the nuclear club.  OK, someone explain to my why it is a club.  Explain to me why its members are all men, all of whom are not fit to have control over their bladders let alone nuclear weapons.  I would not trust George Bush to sit the right way round on a toilet, and that asshole running the country of Iran is much worse and far more dangerous.  The good thing is that all the troops, military resources and weaponry needed to wipe Iran off the face of the earth are already in that part of the world, so we don’t have too far to go to get that job done.  Considering how easy it was to oust Iraq from Kuwait and then take over Iraq from Saddam, Iran should be a cakewalk.  Do it now while we still can, don’t wait, don’t discuss it, don’t fret, just give the order and get it over with.  We are going to have to do it later if we don’t do it now, and it will be more expensive the longer we wait.
Gas will hit $3.00 a gallon soon.  It is still cheaper than it is anywhere else in Europe, so quit whining.
Bush hit an all time approval rating low this week.  It seems the majority of the American population are not too impressed with his work ethic (he has one?) or his performance thus far.  Wait a minute, these are the same educated intelligent Americans that voted for George Bush in the last election that are now telling us they are a little dissatisfied with their choice?  Every stupid person that voted for George Bush should have a tattoo on their forhead stating that fact so the rest of us can see how many of our friends are morons that we need to avoid in the future.  You should all be ashamed of yourselves.  The country is broke, thousands are dead, the economy is about to crash, we are STILL at war, there are too many homeless people, the educational system is in ruins and it really is all your fault.  Be ashamed.  Be very ashamed.
On another light note Cheetah, tarzans famous simian sidekick celebrated his 75th birthday today with cake and pepsi.  A 75 year old chimp.  I never knew they lived that long.  He still looks good too, wiping his arse with his hand and throwing shit at passers by.  I knew a homeless man in San Francisco that used to do that.  Maybe we are THEIR closest relatives.  How ironic is that.
Britney Spears looks like shit I’m sorry to say.  There was a time when she looked pretty damn good even to a middle aged man like myself, but now, she looks like shit.  I guess marriage to a fucking imbecile and squeezing out a couple of puppies will do that to your appearance.  Life sucks and then you die, but the alternative is unacceptable.
Buy the latest Death Cab For Cutie CD.  It is awesome and well worth the $376 it feels like you are shelling out for a piece of plastic with some aluminum foil glued on the back in a cheap plastic case.  Thanks Steve for iTunes.  May Allah, God, Vishnu, Krishna or L. Ron Hubbard bless you, take your pick, they are all full of you-know-what.

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