Radiation fades your genes (part deux).

Well, here we are again, following the usual litany of bad news, indifferent news, inconsequential news and of course, the bizarre news that seems to be prevalent in the current media outlet we call life.


Where to begin?  Well, how about the judicial system in America?  Seems like as good a place to begin as any.  First of all, what about the “return” of a child from CPS (Child Protective Services) to the parents by a judge after months of separation based on a prior ruling that the child was being abused due to the parents withholding/preventing doctors giving radiation treatment for cancer.  Sound odd?  I thought so too.  But no.  Apparently there was serious risk of other damage like kidney failure, learning disabilities etc that may have come about because of the radiation therapy, so the parents were looking for alternatives.  The doctors, being smarter than the average moron decided this was not in the best interests of the child and had the kid forcibly removed from her parents and into the care of foster parents who were probably far more qualified to care for a cancer stricken child than the child’s parents who have been with her since she was diagnosed.  There was a lot more to it than this but the basic premise is that doctors are always right, parents are always wrong, and only a judge can decide who is actually right.  CPS is currently under investigation in several states, and I for one am not in the least bit surprised.


On more judicial crap, one nominee for the supreme court bows out amid criticism of her credentials (she basically had none) and another nominee causes a row because as usual, he’s a religious nut picked by another religious nut.  Hopefully, he will be booted out of the running by those of us that don’t think God should be influencing our major judicial and political decisions.


Another judge freed a sex offender after a 4th attempt at trial due to “double jeopardy” which I thought was really part of a game show, but which turns out to be a true fact of law.  In one of the 4 trials (the second) the conviction was overturned because the presiding judge made a mistake.  I though that they did not make mistakes, but I was wrong about that and several other things too.  It just goes to show you how fair the judicial system is in the US, except of course if you are a victim of a crime.  Victims really do get the shitty end of the stick.


Hurricanes have single handedly created a serious dent in the US economy.  All sorts of things are being blamed on Katrina, from gas prices (and gas prices, the natural variety) to the increase in the price of gallon of milk.  Let’s face it, things are not going to get much cheaper than they were or are now.  Trend analysis states that they will continue to increase over time as oil prices stabilize and increase.  It is an oil based society, and that will change only when oil runs out.  Stop complaining and start economizing, and buy a really good umbrella.


Apparently, geneticists have discovered several genes in mice that can be turned on and off and that will control certain proteins used to create/repair the nerve cells used by the body to control muscle and movement.  Interestingly, the mouse has almost the same genetic makeup as a human being which is why they are used extensively for testing.  That seems a bit strange to me since a mouse is small and furry, has a short life span, and gets eaten by cats.  People are tall, have extended life spans, and also get eaten by cats, whether you are in Africa or on stage in Las Vegas.  I suppose there are some similarities after all.


The debate regarding intelligent design and evolution rages on in court and out of court, with the religious zealots and scientologists sitting on the sidelines drinking wine and breaking bread.  Darwin was, of course, right, and has been proven to be so on numerous occasions.  As far as the gaps and flaws etc in his theory science is still investigating those aspects in order to prove him right yet again.  I don’t think anyone is investigating the gaps and flaws in ID at the moment to prove that theory right.  Darwin wins again.   I particularly like the idea of natural selection.  Idiots using chainsaws while drinking should not be interfered with since they themselves will vastly reduce their own chances of procreation, thereby minimizing the risk of contaminating the local gene pool with sub standard genetic material.  This goes for red necks, trailer park trash and politicians one and all, along with white supremacists, abortion clinic bombers and Karl Rove.


Deer populations don’t seem to be in decline nationwide, but one story in the press recently tends to dispute that fact.  This is why humans are (almost) at the top of the food chain, except for big cats (read earlier segment), hippos and sharks (that’s right, hippos kill more people than cats, sharks and crocs).  At this time of year, big bucks are on the proverbial hunt for some tail.  Deer tail that is, of the female variety.  They also tend to fight each other over said tail, quite vigorously too.  In fact, if they see their own reflection in a glass pane, they will charge, often ending up in your living room or in a school corridor.  One unlucky dad visiting his daughter had this unfortunate experience, but was man enough to wrestle the deer to the ground, break it’s neck, and drag the unfortunate animal outside.   When asked what he was going to do with the animal, he replied “Eat it.”  God bless America.




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  1. Unknown says:

    with politics like these you need a helmut just to survive

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