Helmet head.

This is quite an anoying state of affairs.  Wear a crash helmet for motorcycle riding and your hair tends to look like you were plugged into a 120 volt socket for 10 minutes while standing in the bathtub with 2 inches of water in it.  Not a pretty sight, and I’m not a pretty sight anyway.  The strange debates that rage accross the country regarding mandatory helmet use have always sparked ire  in the biking community.  Most bikers will say its a personal choice, freedom of choice, and expression of individuality etc.  I just call it stupidity.  I have ridden bikes for 20 years, really fast bikes that go 180mph, on racetracks, on the autobahn, on the freeway and just about everywhere else.  I allways wore a helmet because it was the law in Europe, and because it was common sense.  I have fallen off a bike at high speed on the track (120 plus mph), where there are no trucks, SUV’s, telegraph poles, kerbs, pedestrians, traffic coming the other way etc. and survived with a few minor injuries.  I have yet to fall off on the street because I had a lot of training before I was even allowed to ride on the street (oddly enough you don’t need a street license to race :-\ ) but I’m sure that one day I will have to deal with the moron on the cell phone in the SUV eating a burger and arguing with the wife while trying to drive with one hand at 45mph, looking out the window at I don’t know what and forgetting that you have to stop when the light turns red.  This is the first time I have lived in a state where a helmet is not required by law.  Most times I wear one, some times I do not.  It is nice to have a choice, but either way it would make no difference to how I ride.  I have managed to survive so long because I don’t drink and drive, I don’t exceed my abilities or the capabilities of the bike, and I’m old enough to know the difference between stupidity and common sense, and I keep a sharp lookout when riding for the fucking idiots that think they only need 25% of their attention span to drive a 3 ton automobile down the highway at 45mph.  Most of these morons don’t even see the bikes on the road.  How often do you see a biker eating a whopper while doing 65 on the freeway?  Fortunately, even though it is illegal most of the time, aftermarket exhausts tend to make up for the shortfall in intelligence of car drivers that don’t look.  They can generally hear most bikes.  If only I could apply that principle to some of the people I work with.

The sad part is that most motorcycle accidents involve only the bike and the rider.  A general lack of training, poor judgement, lack of skill, indecision and stupidity (remember the stupid gene) all combine to make sure that most of those involved in a bike accident will die, or suffer terrible injuries, especially when not wearing a skid lid.  And most of these accidents happen when going into a corner, and when that corner is unfamiliar territory (the rider in question is on that road for the first time).  Keannu Reeves is a classic example of this, falling off twice going round corners too fast and proving to everyone that you should wear an approved lid and learn how to handle a bike before you ride it.  No ammount of money will prevent your skull from hitting the pavement and breaking open like a melon in the event of a serious crash.  If I had a serious pile of cash, I would buy bikes for several people, since a few split melons would not be missed……

Why is diesel more expensive than gas?  Answers on a postcard please.

Oil prices fell, but gas prices stayed at $2.10 or more.  Funny how that works.  Something to do with the summer driving season, but its bloody freezing outside and has been for weeks.  The longest day of the year is almost upon us and its ony 55 outside.

I have heard very little from the new pope recently.  The old pope is on the fast track to sainthood.  A bit late for that.  He’s dead and won’t care.

Iraquis are on the fast track to extinction.  They are killing each other faster than ever.  Keep up the good work fellas.

Which leads nicely to this.  Newsweek issued a story about desecration of the holy book Qoran or whatever it is called at Guantanamo Bay.  I can;t understand why they would release that story knowing full well the implications and the fallout, but the stupid fuckers went ahead and did it anyway citing freedom of the press etc.  Consequently several people are dead and injured because of the riots and protests that ensued, 30 million muslims issued the seven thousand four hundred and sixty first Jihad against the US (we are all really scared now) and Newsweek decides to issue a retraction.  Closing the gate after the horse has fucked off already?  Clever.  Really really clever.  As if things were not bad enough.  The stupid gene strikes again.  And again, and again and again.

In more death and dismemberment related news, a Norwegian parachutist (yeah, I was surprised to learn that parachuting was big in Norway too) jumped off the Eifel tower, pulled the cord and….. ended up on the lower deck sans parachute.  Apparently the tower snagged the chute and pulled it off the hapless Norwegian, who seemingly could not fly, and had no reserver chute (or the time to use it anyway).  He did however have a crash helmet on, but as stated previously, there is no guarantee that wearing a skid lid will save your noggin when it comes into contact with a hard surface at high speed.  Luck has a lot to do with it, and this guy had none left.

ND (North Dakota) is getting into a heated war of words with Canada (I feel another war coming on) over what to do about Devils Lake and the fact it keeps growing.  And growing.  And growing.  It has swelled to rather large proportions, and could quite easily submerge the city of said name.  A pipe was laid to siphon off the water into a river system that enters Canada and it seems Canadian officials don’t like the idea, are concerned about water quality and the overall impact of the project.  A bit late considering the pipeline is almost done.  The upshot is that Canadian officials are attempting to get C. Rice involved (as if she has nothing better to do) in an attempt to force the issue.  They ought to know better.  I would not mess with her no more than I would desecrate the Qoran.  I can’t wait to see how this turns out.




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