Take cover!

Well, Tony Blair won the top dog award in the UK (he is Prime Minister again) and the UK is under the auspices of a Labour Government for the 3rd consecutive 5 year term.  However, he might not stay there that long as a number of his party members are in the process of rallying against him, and it may just come to pass that he will be voted out as leader, and end up writing his memoirs instead of writing laws, etc.  He is actually a pretty good leader to be honest, but 10 years at the helm tend to create a stagnant approach to leadership, so we will have to see if he can come up with a new approach.

Some muppet lobbed a grenade at the Pres in Georgia (no, not the state of Georgia in the US, the one in Russia) but it turned out to be a dud.  Bad joke idea?  Poor choice of grenade?  Misdirected anger?  Who knows.  Either way, next time make it a real working grenade, or take up knitting.  Whoever you are, whatever your position, rich or poor, there is no way to prevent yourself from being killed by a determined moron with a dud grenade or a live one.  Death and taxes…..

On a more serious note, (yeah, right) Bridget Jones married a Country AND Western singer the other day.  Quite a giant leap from her former beau Jack White and his musical style.  Maybe RZ was not really a fan of rock after all, but needed the soppy, whimsical, repetetive poetry of country music to fire her passion. 

Iraquis are still killing each other by the dozen, every day, and the population will still keep going down at the necessary rate to halve the number in the next 50 years.  I still don’t get it, and probably never will.  They just keep blowing each other up.  In a related story, Daylight Savings Time was the purported cause of a bunch of Islamic terrorist deaths recently.  Apparently the bomb makers in Palestine forgot to set the clocks correctly for the devices that were to be driven into Israel and the terrorists died en route because the bombs went off an hour early.  Excuse my French, but this if fucking hilarious.  I had tears coming out my eyes for five minutes after reading this.  The genetic line of said would be bombers has ended, but the dimwit who set the clocks is probably still around to reproduce.  Maybe not such a bad thing, although Hammas has probably (hopefully) put a bullet in his head for reducing their forces by 5.

The shuttle will probably not launch on time at this rate.  Fuel tank problems and failed tests keep setting the schedule back, and it looks less likely that it will fly any time soon.  Send Bert Rutan instead.  He has a nice cheap rocket that actually works, and it is ready now.  NASA spends enough money to wipe out the national debt of most third world countries and yet they can’t even put together a working fuel system.  Its a good job they don’t make cars.  Or do they?  Was the Pinto designed by NASA?

Astronomer found another rock in Saturns rings.  Microsoft released a "new" version of the Pocket PC opertaing system and it is just as slow as all the previous versions.  Oil prices are on the rise again, as are gas prices.  Same old news, nothing much happening.  Not too much to say about the new Pope either.  He seems to be keeping a low profile.  In related items, chrches in Canada are being sold off in an effort to raise money for the substantial award made by the courts to alleged molestation victims.  The Catholic Church in Canada is apparently incorporated at the Diocese level and as such are now forced to come up with the cash to pay the award.  Something in the region of $34 million I think.  What to do on Sunday mornings now I wonder?  If it were up to me I’d have all the protestants chip in and buy out the churches.  Revenge is a dish best serverd cold….

North Korea has Nukes!  Holy shit, run for the hills!  This is another laughable situation.  They have nukes but no food.  Leave them to it.  Most of the population will be dead before long unless there is a revolution and the people do something about the mess they are in.  Even the army is short on supplies and can barely feed the troops.  Russia collapsed because it could not afford to do it, NK will go the same way, Cuba will fold when Castro dies, just bide your time and stop whining.  Iran on the other hand may be a slight problem, but with the mounting pressure from all the other Arab nations and the UN/US they will probably have to give up the race.  They sell oil.  Put an cease and desist order on that trade and they too will crash and burn.  They cannot survive without it.

The Airbus 300 had a very successful test flight (it did not crash) recently, marking the entry into the air travel industry of the biggest passenger plane ever built.  Supposedly it can carry 500 passengers or thereabouts.  Is this a good thing?  I don’t think so.  Imagine you are unlucky enough to get a seat at the back of the plane.  Right now on a 737 or 747 for that matter, it takes about twenty minutes to half an hour to get off the damn plane due to all the morons with 10 pieces of carry on luggage, four plastic bags and a lunchbox to carry.  Most of them can barely lift the oversized suitcase into the overhead bin, let alone drag it out.  Then there is the fat (sorry, obese) bastard who is so large around the middle that he or she takes up two seats and has to waddle sideways down the isle.  Now imagine that scenario on a double decker plane with twice as many genetic drop outs on it and you will get my point.  There should be NO carry on luggage at all.  Get on the plane, sit the fuck down, take off, land, get the fuck off the plane, grab your bag and leave the airport.  10 minutes to board, 10 minutes to get off, 15 minutes for the luggage to show up.  Simple and efficient.  Problem solved.  As you can probably guess, I’m not a fan of flying the friendly airways.



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