Seal{ed} with a kiss.

I love this stuff.  Every time I log on and read the news, there is an ad bought and paid for by some animal loving hypocrites telling me that the seals are still being killed.  Did you ever see that amazing video when the killler whales were beaching themselves off the coast of Argentina to capture little baby seals?  No ads on CNN for that one.  I guess the activists were scared of 2000 pounds of muscle and teeth, and the whales are very smart too, unlike the animal rights brigade.  This has been going on for centuries, just like fox hunting had been in the UK before it was banned.  The main differnece was that 99% of the time the fox escaped (that’s why they are called foxes), but in the case of the fur seals, they can’t run for shit, so 99% of the time they end up as hats and gloves, as well as food.  A classic example of evolution at work.

The electoral process for a new pope is ongoing (no surprise there) and we will have to wait and see if it will be a Nigerian, a German, or quite possibly (OK maybe not) an American.  One thing is absolutely certain, the new Pope will NOT be English.  Religion is a hobby for us, not a lifestyle.  There are currently three major religious groups in the UK, Catholic, Protestant (Church of England, created by my pal Henry VIII) and football (soccer).  More people watch and partake in the sport of football than go to church, so religion is on it’s way out (fortunately).  Football will always be here though.  Face it, a Saturday in the Kop at Anfield stadium is better than miming the words to a hymn and wondering if Chelsea are beating Arsenal…..

Gas prices go up, and up, and up, but they are still lower than just about anywhere else in the modern developed world.  Stop whining.

During the cold war, we devoted much of our literary skills deriding the Russians and waiting for the impending collapse.  So how is it that if we are so technologically advanced and wealthy, we have to rely on the Russians to service the internation space station?  I know the UK contributes very little to space launches.  Our GDP is about the size of Bill Gates tax bill.  The closest we ever got to the moon was with a rather long ladder, but I still find it odd that after a couple of crashes and a few billion dollars lost we are still waiting to get the shuttle off the ground again.  And "shuttle"?  why call it that?  A shuttle is used in badminton and those things fly erratically anyway.  Someone should have made the connection.

McDonalds celebrated 50 years of being solely responsible for the biggest obesity epidemic in the US.  Another 50 years of this and the population will be down to half what is is now provided we can keep the kids interested in eating food that will kill them at an early age.  How do those people sleep soundly at night? 

The finger in the chilli saga went on and on, with one woman who lost her finger in a freak accident involving a big cat claiming her severed digit was lost by the local hospital after she went in for treatment.  I really don’t know what else to say other than the word bizzarre was meant for situations just like this.

Which leads me to comment of the moron who parked himself outside the capitol building with a couple of suitcases, dressed in black, wearing shades, and seemingly trying very hard to look as conspicuous as humanly possible.  With great success.  Deported, luggage blown up in what the security forces like to call a "controlled explosion", and now currently hiding out in Australia.  They should have blown him up along with his luggage, or maybe wrapped him in fur and dropped him on the ice in Alaska, or on the beach in Argentina.

The Fed’s approved the use of lasers to warn idiots that they are flying in restricted airspace.  Some private planes appear to get "lost" or just don’t know where they are.  Apparently, since 9/11 there have been over 2000 such incidents.  There is an easy solution to this.  The next incident, shoot the miscreant down, deal with the political fallout, and wait for it to die down, just like 9/11 did.  If you shoot down enough of these idiots, I guarantee that those little incursions will stop dead in their tracks, because knowing the USAF will blow you to smithereens if you scew up generally maintains a higher level of concentration while flying.  We should do the same thing for morons on cell phones driving in traffic.

It is 50 years since the death of Albert Einstein.  Nuff said.

Art Garfunkel is 63, which is about how fast he was driving in Wisconsin when he was pulled over by a state trooper.  Bond was set at $181 and he is due in court very soon.  I’m sure he can afford the fine.

Karl Malden is 93, and was made famous by roles in Streetcar and Streets of San Fran with M. Douglas.  He was inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers (I had no idea there was one) for all the roles he played in good old westerns.  I can’t name one of them.

Japan and China are trading harsh words over an apology that was considered to be poorly worded and even meaningless considering the continued visits to the Japanese war memorials commemorating the death of a large number of their army in WWII.  I have to side with the Chinese on this one.  The Japanese were as bad (if not worse) than the Nazis, mostly because it made no difference what race, creed, color, religion or age you were, the chances of being starved, tortured, killed, mutilated, humiliated etc were about the same for everyone they got their sweaty little hands on.  I know a couple of people who survived that little encounter, and the stories they tell are not printable in this web space.  The Chinese suffered all these indignities and more, so the Japs should be sorry, and if they think everyone has and will shortly forget what happened, they are sorely mistaken.  A large number of people who lived through those times are still alive today, and I guarantee you that they will not go quietly into that good night.   I don’t care how many PlaySstations they sell, they had better play this one by the book.  There are 2 Billion very pissed of Chinese looking their way.

Lance Armstrong is retiring after the next Tour De France.  If I was dating Ms. Crowe I would be retiring today instead of riding my bike 250 miles a week.  But, that’s just me.




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