Dr. Who?

The Pope is dead.  It seems a lot of people are dying all over the world, but only the prominent individuals really grab the headlines.  After all the controversy over a mass (no pun intended) of child molestation cases in an organization predominantly run by men (made in God’s image?), an event like this overshadows the real problems within the Catholic church.  As I have said before, change is temporary, but one would hope that a regime change like this would have some positive effects.  Now we all have to wait with bated breath to discover who John Pauls successor will be.  I guarantee that it will not be Michael Jackson.

Terri Schiavo’s relatives are having separate funerals for their daughter.  How is that going to work I wonder?  The debate still rages, and the original judge who gave the court order that was subsequently upheld throughout the judicial system and the Bush cabinet even after the pres tried to get involved is now under constant police guard after receiving  numerous threatening emails from disgruntled religious activists and ignorant churchgoers.  The really odd thing here is that a religious group, following the teachings of the church, will got to such extreme lengths given that the religion they generally follow does not endorse such actions.  A death penalty was recently expunged because the jurors were discovered to have been reciting "an eye for an eye" during deliberations.   Faith unites, religion divides.

The $100 laptop is the big IT news headline today.  Apparently the guys at MIT think they can pull if off, and bridge the technology gap between the first world (yeah, we have the audacity to consider ourselves as being part of the first world) and the third world.  It’s a nice idea, but what help is a laptop running Linux with hardly any memory or processing capability going to provide a rural farmer with no electricity and 4 kids to feed in outer Mongolia?  At least they won’t have to suffer the vagaries of a Windows OS, the lucky bastards.

Baseball season is back as opening day arrives.  I’m not a huge fan, but there is something to be said for skiving off work to spend the afternoon at Wrigley Field in the open air eating hot dogs, drinking really bad domestic beer and watching the Cubs lose.  The atmosphere is always intoxicating, and I for one will make the trip down town as often as I can this year to experience the greatness of the national sport being played at one of the oldest stadiums currently active in the US.  Go Cubs!  I think you can buy steroids at the gift shop too.  That seventh inning stretch should build up those forearms…….

Onn the political front, the Labour Party in the UK is getting ready to hit the road in the run up to the elections.  A slightly different system is in place in the UK as opposed to that in the US (he who has the most money does not necessarily win) and it will be interesting to see if the Conservatives can stage a comeback given the recent bad press that Labour has received, especially considering the Iraq debacle and other really bad political decisions.  That outcome will definitely be worth watching.

Speaking of watching, the BBC is currently filming the new Dr. Who series, and it is brilliant.  For those of you who have no idea who Dr. Who is (or was), tough.  The rest of us do know, and it was a groundbreaking series in its day.  I will probably have to wait years for PBS to get the rights to broadcast the new series, but I will get to see it either way.  Anything is better than reruns of Friends and Seinfeld. 

Summer arrived this weekend.  That is one of those great things about this part of the world.  Spring is a week long, then Summer shows up and then we get a few hours of Fall, and around November 12th Winter arrives and the temperature drops to 26 degrees.  You can almost set your clock by it.  Time to clean up the grill and eat healthy for 6 months.

Prince Charles and his floozy have had to postpone their wedding because of the Pope and his not so sudden demise.  Apparently it is not PC to celebrate a royal wedding when the Pope, who is far more important (even though Charles is not a Catholic), dies.  Henry VIII would have had a huge party, beheaded his wife to be, found a new tart to spend the night with, robbed the Catholic churches and burned them to the ground, spent all the cash on armies and war and founded his own church.  Wait, he did that anyway.  What a guy.

Speaking of morons, another idiot is auctioning off his middle name.  Whoever bids the highest on the E-Bay auction gets to choose the middle name and the moron in question has to have it changed.  If only I had the cash on hand I would f^&k this guy up for life.  Let me see, Matthew Jean Rouse is the current name, so we could replace Jean with Bastard, or Imbecile maybe, or Phillistine perhaps, how about Retard, or Dumbass, or Hermaphrodite, Git, Dickhead, Muppett (my personal favorite), Cochon (French word for Pig :-)…..  Endless possibilites.  People like this should A. not be allowed to have children and B. should be drowned at birth.

And in other water realted news, New Jersey is flooded.  It seems that torrential rain (usually the cause of most flooding in the US) has raised rivers and streans to bursting point.  No injuries or deaths reported, which is good news. 

Michael Jackson is now faced with questions regarding past cases and accusations regarding child abuse.  Normally, this type of questioning is not permitted, but for reasons known only to the presiding judge, it has been allowed within certain limits.  This could be the final nail in Mr. Jackson’s coffin because all the information pertaining to those previous court cases will be handed to the jurors during deliberations.  Hopefully they will all get copies of the bible along with the original briefs!  Judgement day is coming MJ, and you will be judged this time.



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