Learn to swim….

The earth continues to create problems for those people (you and I) that actually live on it.  Torrential rain, floods, earthquakes, vast forrest fires, mudslides, and thats just in California.  However, other parts of the world suffer some if not all of those malaises, and recently Indonesia seems to be suffering from the shaking ground syndrome (or at least the local sea bed does anyway).  Another magnitude 8+ quake off the coast sent people scurrying for the hills early today, rather than stand on the beach and take pictures of their impending drowning as they did last time this happened, right after Christmas, the day we celebrate the birth of Christ, right?  Although a lot of the holidaymakers were Christians and Catholics, most of the victims of that little disaster were not.  The missionaries were right after all.

In a totally unrelated piece of news, (yeah, right, there is always a link to these) it seems that a trip to your local pharmacy doed not necessarily mean you will receive your prescription, especially if you are a woman looking to obtain contraceptives.  There are an increasing number of pharmacists that are refusing to fill prescriptions on religious grounds.  Yes, you read it correctly, religious grounds.  Now, lets examine this little newsworthy piece.  A group of religious zealots who have already eschewed the killing of abortionists, and are now attempting to further impose their blinkered views on the female population of this great country and actually prevent them from receiving their drugs, irrespective of their rights afforded to them by the US Federal Government and the Constitution of the United States of America.  And as if the number of single mothers under the age of 18 were not enough, the anti-abortionists that are attempting to overthrow Roe vs. Wade are trying to get the law changed so that any abortion attempt by a woman under the age of 18 require parental consent.  I could go off on a rant here but that servers no purpose other than to make you all laugh uncontrollably.  What really irks me is that a trained, educated and qualified pharmacist whose JOB it is to provide the public with accurate and safe prescriptions is allowed to deny that same prescription because his God will not let him into heaven if he allows a woman to prevent pregnancy by using a contraceptive pill.  They should all contract some nasty virulent and ultimately fatal disease and have their prescriptions denied by all the women who become pregnant because they were unable to have their prescriptions filled.

Burger King, in the ever competitive fast food market, have launched their "Really Big Sandwich" in an all out effort to take on McDonalds and their solid grasp over the fast food breakfast market.  I was unaware of this competitive edge to McDonalds since the last place I would go to procure my breakfast is a burger joint.  However, it seems that a large proportion of the population (the obese 60% no doubt) do visit said establishments in order to get a jump on the fat and cholesterol intake for the day.  Start as you mean to go on, right?  Anyway, the new "sandwich" contains sausage, two eggs, bacon, cheese and whatever extras get thrown into the mix. It is really big too, containing 700+ calories and more than 25 grams of fat.  There are no warning labels on the wrappers either.  But there should be.  They put warnings on everything else that can kill you, like cigarettes, arsenic, bullets, bleach etc.  I’m sure Big Mac will come back to the fight with an even more dangerous meal that will undoubtedly be capable of accellerating the onset of diabetes and heart failure with a vengeance.

Sony has apparently been using the intellectual property of another American company, and has been ordered to stop selling the PS2 and PSP variants of its gaming consoles and pay $90 million in fines.  A mere drop in the ocean for a company hell bent on owning the electronics arena.  Still, it is interesting to note how even the mighty can stoop so low.  Speaking of which, Microsoft has a new name for its cut down European release of Windows XP, without the media player engine and quite possibly without IE.  The name?  Well, it should have been Windows FU, or Windows DOA maybe, or even Windows NO, but we will have to settle for something we are familiar with, Windows Home Edition N apparently.  Very original.  One thing for sure, it is the same crappy OS with no real future, the same security leaks and no music capabilities.

Terri Schiavo got a drop of wine for Easter.  It did not help.  In other religious news, one of the victims of the recent school shooting extravaganza prayed as the gunman approached her and shot her to death.  That also did not help.  It appears God was busy influencing the pharmacists of the world and watching the Sweet 16.  And in related basketball news a young boy was performing a slam dunk when the basket and the wall holding it up collapsed, severing both hands and a foot, all three of which were reattached in a very lengthy surgical procedure, which it turns out was a great success.  Small miracles…….



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