New fast food offerings…….

I’m not a huge fan of fast food.  In fact, I rarely have the urge to grab a sodium and cholesterol saturated snack and a sugar infested drink, so when I read the recent article on the new "item" available at Wendy’s I was more than surprised.  It seems a particular customer decided that a bowl of Wendy’s finest chilli was the perfect solution to a growling stomach, and so said customer ordered the lunch item and sat down to enjoy the sumptuous offering.  While chewing on this particular cullinary delicay, the diner suddenly realized that something larger than the average piece of beef was in their mouth, and when they removed the "meat" what did they discover?  A human finger.  That’s right, a nice tenderized well cooked and protein rich finger.  Apparently, this came as quite a shock, and after gesticulating wildly for  a few seconds, the diner regurgitated the rest of their lunch all over the nice clean floor of the local Wendy’s restaurant (they have the gall to call a fast food joint a restaurant).  For those of you who know me, I can categorically state that the said finger was not my own, but that of a total (and presumably dead) stranger, since most lost digits are reported somewhere at some time presumably.  This brings a whole new meaning to the word "recycle".  Remeber Soylent Green?  Anyway, this just reinforces the fact that fast food is not good for you and can make you throw up, even when you least expect it.  It could have been worse.  Imagine finding an eye in your chilli, staring up at you with a listless blank woeful expression, much like the staff at the local DMV do.

The Pope made a short, silent appearance from the window of his apartment overlooking the Vatican Square today.  I guess he had nothing much to say, which surprises me not considering the state of his health.  Most normal people would have been allowed to retire gracefully by now, but no, not the Pope.  He will be hanging in there untiltill the bitter end, regardless of his inability to perform his duties.  It reminds me of a certain judge here in the US and his lifelong position on the bench of the supreme court.  He is not long for this world either, but unfortunately for us he can still speak, hence the denial of the feeding tube reinsertment.  When will it all end?

Ford are recalling a lot of vehicles, my own included, due to a possible malfunction of the cruise control system.  Apparently, the vehicles can catch fire all by themselves irrespective of the status of the engine, running or not.  I don’t think I can remember the last time I used CC on my truck.  In Europe, the majority of vehicles don’t have it, since they are manual transmission as opposed to automatic, an economy issue rather than mechanical complexity and cost.  I just never got into the habit as I feel it is dangerous and not really necessary.  Maybe I will get lazy as time goes by and start using it, just to see if I can annoy people on the freeway as I am annoyed when they overtake in the left lane with the kind of slow progress you witness from 18 wheelers trying to pass each other going uphill.

Gas prices took another hike today on the news of an oil refinery explosion in Texas at the BP plant which produces about 3% of the nations gasoline (or petrol as we like to call it).  This will be a long and expensive summer.

Some nut in Las Vegas is spending 500 million dollars on a space hotel.  I kid you not.  The modules are supposed to be inflatable, and assuming we can make the trip to and from the hotel safely, and all sharp objects are left at home, you get to be weightless for a while and watch the earth spin round and round from the comfort of your bubble.   What could you do with 500 million dollars?  Cure cancer?  AIDS perhaps?  Build cheap and affordable homes for the nations single mothers living below the poverty line perhaps?  (In)Human nature never ceases to amaze me.  How much is enough?  When do you come to realize that you don’t really need 500 million dollars?  The mind boggles.

Some idiot lined up outside a store in San Franciso (why am I not surprised it was in SF) for 40 hours just to be the first person to buy the new PSP (PlayStation Portable).  My advice to this pathetic excuse for a human being is GET A JOB!  I can understand waiting in line for 40 hours to see Jesus show up for the annual Star Trek Convention, but little else, and since that will not happen anytime soon, I have about 40 more hours to spare, which will be put to far better use.

CraigsList was beamed into space.  Of all the possible literary and humanitarian exploits amassed throughout human history that we could have sent to any poor unsuspecting intelligence out there in the vastness of the galaxy, we decided to beam out CraigsList.  Not the collective works of The Bard, nor the art of Leonardo, but a Web listing of apartments for rent and items for sale.  Who knows, we might get lucky and an intelligent species may just decide to stop off an buy a second hand PC and a sofa bed, or maybe rent a shitty little apartment in downtown Chicago so they can observe the hillarious antics of the human race first hand, just to see if we really are as stupid as Joey in all the reruns of Friends they got to watch on their long voyage to Earth across the furthest reaches of space.  I doubt they would consider the trip worthwhile.

TGIF?  Good Friday?  There is a link there somewhere but I can’t quite decide what it should be as opposed to what it is.  Needless to say, that is all I have for you today.  The Schiavo case is still center stage unfortunately for her, and it seems unlikely to go away any time soon.  Apparently doctors cannot agree on her medical "state" even though she has been lying in hospital bed for 15 years.  I really hope I don’t get sick anytime soon.



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  1. Terry says:

    Nice Blog. Thank You.I think the gas prices are(legal) robbery.Check out my site.

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