Religious vacations……

Well, the kids get to take a break at Easter, right?  I, on the other hand, do not, at least not here in the US.  It is still a holiday in Europe in many countries, commonly known as Good Friday, presumably because it is a good thing to have a day off work for a celebrated day such as this.  The real question is, what exactly is Easter?  (Prepare yourselves…….:-)

Well, why don’t we take a detailed look at this celebrated little time of the year.

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the heart and soul of the Catholic faith. Easter is the day all good mackerel snappers celebrate the fact that Jesus rose from the dead. Heaven’s gates are now open to all of us (them) who want to be with God. On Easter Sunday, the season of Lent ends (now I can start smoking again). Christ showed the world that he is the savior.  Really?  So, theoretically, that sorry little bastard who was arrested for the murder of a young girl in Florida gets to got to heaven if he desires to be with God?  This is where I get a bit peeved because as far as I’m concerned, that particular individual has no right to spend eternity in the presence of anyone other than Lucifer himself, assuming he exists.  Purgatory was designed for people like him.  Dante spent a lifetime conjuring up the worst kind of afterlife possible specifically for the lowest forms of human life we might be unfortunate enough to encounter, and that guy certainly fits the bill.  As for the rest of the Easter story as far as the Catholics are concerned, make of it what you will.

Now, the Christians on the other hand have a slightly different view, but for the most part it is the same basic strategy, same story, similar ending same dates etc.  The word Easter, which comes from the Anglo-Saxon, is a term derived from the pagan goddess of the dawn. 

So, there is no doubt that the word Easter is not Christian, but pagan in origin. Now as to the date itself, anyone who has studied the Bible knows that the crucifixion and resurrection happen during the Jewish festival of the Passover, which began on the 14th of Nisan. For millennia the Jews have observed this festival week of Passover / Feast of Unleavened Bread beginning on the 14th of Nisan. Since Jesus died on the 14th of Nisan, then the resurrection happened on the 16th of Nisan.  Now you know where some Japanese car manufacturers get their names from.

Ever notice how your birthday falls on different days of the week, from one year to the next? One year it might be on a Monday and the next on a Wednesday. Such is the case with Passover. That being true, then why is the resurrection day always celebrated on a Sunday?  Because no one has to work?  Because that is the day to get the churches full of mindless sheep and fill the collection plates?  Each year, if you were to follow the Bible, it should fall on a different day of the week and only occasionally on a Sunday. That would not be good for the church because there would be no one to give money.  In the early church this issue caused quite a controversy since they were desperate for cash.  And how on earth did eggs of any description enter the fray?  I don’t remeber chocolate being served at the last supper, or Jesus and his crew hunting hard boiled eggs painted with Daffy Duck and Minnie Mouse in the local vineyard out back.

So even the church of Rome, which was keeping Sunday, excommunicated those who observed the 14th of Nisan. To try and settle the issue, the Council of Nicaea in 325 decreed that the resurrection should be observed, and that on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the vernal equinox (March 21). This places the earliest possible date as March 22, and the latest at April 25th. This formula is completely unbiblical! Following the Jewish lunar calendar, as specified in the Bible and previously mentioned, the date would fall on a different day of the week every year, that would coincide precisely with a full moon every single time (14 Nisan being the middle of the lunar month). The date that Christianity observes however, as one of the most holiest of the year, is not even recognized by God in scripture! It has its origin in nothing more than paganism and the decrees or Tradition of the Roman Catholic Church! In fact, should the Jewish Passover and Easter just happen to coincide on the same Sunday, the Council of Nicaea decreed that the church of Rome would observe Easter on the following Sunday, so as to distance themselves from the practice of the Jews as much as possible.  Even the Catholic Romans were anti semitic before the Catholic Church in France decided not to help Jewish families escape from the Vichy French and the German SS.  Even Henry VIII was an anti semitic fat git back in the 1600, but when you are broke, who else are you going to rob?

The pagan at this time of year would be celebrating the increasing of the Sun following the spring (vernal) equinox. That is the day on which the amount of darkness and daylight are about the same in duration, which is good because you get to got to work in daylight and go home in daylight. Following that day the amount of daylight would steadily increase, a little each day, good for BBQ’s in the evening and walks by the river. This increase of daylight in the spring brings about summer and makes crops thrive, thus the association with fertility (eggs, rabbits, chickens). Hence the association always to Sunday, to celebrate the increasing of the God of the Sun on the Sun Day.  It still leave us with no mention of chocolate though.  One might respond with:- well, yes this is all true, but we have "baptized" this admittedly pagan day and made it holy to God, so there is really no problem.  And, because we are at the top of the evolutionary ladder, we can change anything we want to suit our needs, or the needs of whichever gang we belong to, either the Christians, the Catholics, Pagans, Agnostics, Democrats etc.  We all believe in something, right?

So, basically, Easter is actually a Pagan celebration which certain religions have borrowed/stolen/appropriated to meet their own needs, and we are now able to celebrate it in all it’s glory with bunny rabbits, chocolate eggs and such.  Even the local Home Depot is getting in on the act with an Easter Egg Hunt in the Garden Center on Saturday, 9:30AM to 10:30AM.  I can hardly wait……




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