History teaches us nothing, apparently.

Or so it would seem.  Hi everyone.  Did you miss me?  I was travelling for a few days, but unfortunately for you, I’m back.

I got into a rather heated debate the other day (OK, an argument) regarding the Europeans and their attitutude to the people and the country of the good old USA.  For whatever reason, the subject veered off toward the French specifically, since they have been and still are quite vocal regarding their feelings and opinions of the US.  The combatant (sorry, the other person involved in the "discussion") seemed quite well versed in European history and also in US history, until I mentioned the holocaust……

"What do you mean the French were involved?" he asked quite horrified that some of his ancestors may actually have contributed to the deaths of 6 Million innocent Jews.  So I explained to him what actually happened.  Germany did not defeat France.  In fact, France became an occupied territory under Vichy rule, two thirds of the county or thereabouts.  Since the Vichy French were in charge, and the laws they enforced were dictated by the occupiers (Germans), everything was quite peaceful, except for the French Resistance.  The problem with the Vichy French gonvernment, although it secured peace, was that it consisted of quite a few anti semites, a few more radicals, and quite a lot more people who were willing to do whatever it took to maintain power and keep in the good graces of Der Fuhrer.  To this effect, a mass hunt for all the Jews in occupied France begun, organized, designed and executed by none other than the Vichy French themselves.  In fact, there was little or no involvement from the Gestapo at all, except for the actual shipping of the soon to be incinerated Jews to Auschwitz, a fact the Gestapo and the SS liked since they could use their considerable forces elsewhere.  It was also around this time that the infamous Klaus Barbie was kicking Resistance captives in the head and hanging them from meathooks, injecting acid into their kidneys etc.  Since the Vichy French were doing all the hard work, he had time on his hands.  Idle hands….  He’s dead now.  Anyway, to cut a long argument short, I basically told this individual to keep his mouth shut because although George Bush is a fool, and the French have given the US a lot of crap lately about Iraq and other issues like McDonalds, the good people of the US never helped the Germans round up Jews for extermination.  Believe me when I say that ended that discussion.  The next time some French git gives you any grief, remind them that they are all decended from anti semitic murdering bastards……  If you decide to get into an argument with me, make sure you know your subject.

It seems that a certain city has suggested that government workers bring their own toilet paper to work, due to lack of finances to cover the cost of such items.  In truth, this is not such a bad idea really.  For any of you that have serverd in the military or worked in/at a government institution in the past or the present, you will know that the quality of the toilet paper is for shit (no pun intended).  In fact we used to call it sandpaper because you could polish paint with it.  Small mercies…..

Even though it has happened before, what have we learned?  Nothing.  Another kid rages through school with a firearm and kills innocent people, the worst such event since Columbine.  I have already stated my views on gun controls, ownership and the stupid gene.  Mix a gun, ammunition and a healthy allotment of the stupid gene together, and this is the end result.  History really does teach us nothing.

King Kong is in post production (almost).  That’s right, Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings) wrapped up filming recently and will work on post production of the remake of a classic movie.  I wait with bated breath.  No, I don’t.  After seeing Flight of the Phoenix, Get Carter, Alfie and a number of other remakes, I will not be making the trip to the movies to see this one either.  The fact that King Kong is listed as a CLASSIC should have been enough to let Jackson know that he can’t reproduce, copy, better, improve upon or even match the original.  What a moron.  The success of LOTR has obviously clouded his judgement,  and if there is any justice (which, of course we are all learning there is not) he will never work again, until he does a remake of the classic, Lord of the Rings……..

Spiderman 3 will begin filming next year.  Great.  I can’t wait.  OK, maybe I can.  I hope Toby’s back will be better by them.

Apparently, China is to begin implanting ID chips in Pandas.  Not a bad idea considering they all look the same (Native Americans said the same thing about white people too).  Does this mean they will get through security at the airport quicker than me?  Can I get one?  I hate practically getting naked at the security checkpoint.

And now, to law.  The Schiavo case has been in the news for a while, and now it has reached a new frenzy.  The feeding tube will not be reinserted.  There was a photo on CNN of a couple of protestors with LIFE stickers over their mouths.  Now, I’m not one to make uninformed decisions, and it seems to me that having to need feeding tubes inserted into your body as well as waste tubes hardly constitutes living the American Dream.  In fact, her "life" as all the protagonists keep ranting on about, actaully consists of what I would consider to be the ultimate living hell, the kind of torture you would only wish on 911 hijackers, terrorists, Michael Jackson and Martha Stewart.  It is not a life at all.  It is the shell of a human being, a mind and body in a vegetative state, unresponsive, a biological machine kept alive by other mechanical machines.  I do however disagree with the removal of the feeding tube.  Now she is destined to starve to death as well as suffer this ongoing torment, assuming she is even aware of any of it.  It seems to me that even Klaus Barbie would have had trouble coming up with this kind of torture.  It is obscene that in this day and age the medical, legal and religeous zealots spend more time arguing about the rights of this individual than actually giving her the dignity of a quiet and peaceful exit from this mad house we call life.  There is a special place in hell reserved for all the members of the legal profession, the catholic religion, and the hypocritical doctors, and nice little hotel, run by a man named Klaus.  Enjoy your stay.

The army have raised the age for reservist to 39.  Thankfully, I missed the cut.  The thought of being shipped to Iraq to kill a bunch of mindless insurgents…… actually seems quite appealing now that I think about it.  Good pay, food and board, ammunition, plenty of material for the blog….. I’m just too old 🙂



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