Stupid Jeans?

This is being filed under entertainment because it is.

So, the question is, is there a gene that makes people stupid?  It seems obesity has a gene associated with it.  A perfectly normal person of average height and weight can stuff themselves with food of all varieties for months on end, become dangerously overweight (fat, basically) and blame genetics for their physical appearance, poor health, inability to walk more than 5 feet etc.  Bullshit.  The gene they should have been looking for is the one that affects a large proportion of the pouplation, the stupid gene.  The effects of this gene are varied and widespread.  This genetic abnormality is capable of making people believe for example that genetics are responsible for creating fat people.  So both fat people and thin people can be affected by the stupid gene alike, but in different ways.  The stupid gene affects all types of people from presidents to paupers.  No one is safe.  It can lie dormant for decades, and suddenly show up at the most innapropriate moments, and then vanish again, the only trace of it being the stupid expression on the faces of those afflicted and the layers of fat encasing our bones.

The odd thing about the pro-choice debate is that the majority of people opposing the decision afforded to women by their basic rights are men.  G. W. Bush, a large number of religious idiots (it seems that God is a bit of a woman-hater since men are the predominant leaders of the religious cults in our society.  I wonder if that is why it was an immaculate conception?) and an even larger number of people affected by the aforementioned genetic defect.  As you can probably guess by now (unless genetics are getting in the way:-) I am most definitely pro-choice.  Who am I to tell any woman what to do?  And of course, most of this argument/debate has a deeply religious foundation, and I am most definitely not a fan of that part of society.  Henry VIII fabricated lies about his wife so he could have her head removed simply because the Pope at that time refused to sanction his divorce.  It’s good to be the King, right?  Wrong.  If the Pope had granted Henry a divorce, a couple of women would have lived a long and happy life.  But no.  A divorce!  God save us!  It seems the Muslims have taken their religious zeal to the next level, and are killing people in the name of God even as you read this, somewhere in the world.  It just goes to prove my point that the stupid gene affects every race, creed and color on the planet.

I had no idea John Travolta was 51.  It must be nice to have money.

I’m not often moved to write about the events that affect me too much because for most people thay are boring, and not even that funny really.  Occasionally though, I have a few thoughts to write down that may be interesting to some of my less than avid readers.  The one quote that began this little missive came from Don Johnson of all people.  Tha’s right, Mr.  Miami Vice.  Can you believe that you can actually purchase that whole series on DVD now?  The gene strikes again.  Anyway, Don was apparently a friend and regular visitor of one Hunter S. Thompson.  I never met HST, but I did get to meet DJ while he was filming a show in San Francisco, remember the one, with the mexican sidekick/cop?  Apparently Don was stupid enough to ask Hunter what the sound of one hand clapping was (I think he was trying to be clever, but a certain gene was acting on his behalf) and Hunter immediately slapped him in the face.  I have read the collective works of HST, some of his letters, and many articles.  He was, without a doubt, one of the most original thinkers of out times, and I for one will miss him and his ability to make me think about a lot of different things, and his ability to make me laugh.

Getting back to religion (sorry, but it leads nicely into this), what is so bad about suicide, or even assisted suicide?  I watched Million Dollar Baby, and although I have never been a real fan of boxing, it was quite a moving story, and I tend to watch anything with Morgan Freeman in it because he is one of the best actors around.  Kavorkian had it right in my book.  If somone in such a terrible physical state really want to exit stage left, why do we insist on preventing them from doing so?  Because you won’t go to heaven?  Is that it?  Listen, after all I have said and done, no amount of forgiveness will get me through those pearly gates, nor the interview with St. Peter.  If I’m lying on a bed paralyzed from the neck down, one of you had better come and finish the jobfor me, or I will be really annoyed, and when I finally do kick the bucket I will haunt you all for the rest of your born natural.

It seems that being a top level member of the legal profession has now become as dangerous a job as deep sea fishing.

Ford is (again) mulling over the idea of halting production of the Thunderbird.  Its about time.  It looked good with Halle Berry sitting in it, but alone, it has no charm at all.

The people of Spain mourned.  The anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in the history of this country passed without incident, except for the fatwa issued by the muslim community against Osama Bin Laden.  Another meaningless gesture that will have about the same effect as G. W. Bush and his promise to bring that Saudi bastard to justice.  The combined resources of the world have failed to find, arrest, kill, castrate, or otherwise inflict tremendous suffering on this particular human stain, so pointless threats and empty promises are summarily ignored by me.  I will pay attention when the headline reads "Osam captured, questioned, castrated, beaten to death, beheaded, and then eaten by hungry fat people!"  I have my fantasies, you have yours.




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