Back in the saddle.

It has been a while, but I think it is time to start posting on the blog again.  So, where to begin….

If you have not been watching Game Of Thrones at all, you should be.  Or at least read the books.  In there you will eventually read this marvelous statement:-

A man who reads books lives a thousand lives in one lifespan.  A man who does not lives only one.

I could not have said it better.  I have lost count of the number of books I have read so far.  It was not time wasted.

Also, I’m now on the Mac platform.  I finally had enough of running windows updates every week, waiting for the BSOD (that is Blue Screen Of Death to all you Windows users), and hoping my applications still ran after Microsoft “fixed” their operating system insecurities.  Windows basically sucks.  I know it is expensive to switch, but if you have the means I highly recommend making the move.  You won’t regret it.

I’m a bit pissed off with Adobe though.  Like Microsoft they are moving their software to a subscription based service, which is not something I want to sign up for.  If I buy something I want to own it, not rent it.  Adobe can go f%^& themselves, I will rely on Lightroom and Elements until they go the same way.  If only Corel were smart enough to write a Mac version of their excellent photo editing suite, but, as they did with WordPerfect and a host of other titles, they managed to screw that up as well.  They need someone with vision running the company not some myopic nerd with no foresight and a piss poor attitude to the world of photographers yearning for an alternative to the Adobe monopoly.  Some people never learn.

Which leads nicely into the Republican party values.  WTF?  They re elected a guy whose very public infidelity should have ended his political aspirations, but no, they are a party of values, right?  What values?  You can cheat on your wife and divorce her, then be forgiven?  I thought only God forgave?  Apparently everyone in the Republican part can be forgiven, no matter what number of seven deadly sins they perform.   Religion and politics, hand in hand, defying the odds and principles they espouse so often.  It makes me want to throw up.

Why has the price of gas gone up when we are now exporting said product at levels not seen since oil was discovered in Texas?  Democracy and the free market at work.

So much for gun control.  Like it was ever going to make any headway in congress.  Drones controlling drones.  Need I say more?



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Penis Envy?

Out of the frying pan into the waste disposal….

A woman drugs her husband, ties him up, cuts off his dick and puts it in the kitchen sink, that just happens to have a waste disposal unit, and grinds up the precious penis to the consistency of pattie meat.  And you wonder why I’m still single.  Apart from the cringe factor, the insanity of it all makes me want to bury my head in the sand.  This was premeditated.  Had to be.  You don’t come up with this on the spur of the moment like deciding to clog your arteries by eating McDonalds every day.  Maybe she should have hung onto the severed member and sold it to Chaz Bono…..

No deal on the debt ceiling as yet, the Republicans are refusing to budge.  I’m still glad I can’t vote, since neither party is worthy of my attention.  In any case, anyone that spends more than they earn is doomed to financial ruin anyway.  Why should the government be any different.  It is just a matter of time, and time is the fire in which we all burn.

In what can only be described as a brilliant state legislation endeavour, Michigan has elected to put a 4 year limit on Welfare.  Finally! At last someone had the balls to stand up and denounce the bloodsucking leeches that are the single parents (usually women, because how often do fathers get to keep their kids before or after a divorce) that breed incessantly and live off welfare.  I’m not denouncing ALL women (before you start threatening to cut off MY dick) but you know exactly the type I am referring to, and you can’t possibly come to their defense.  You see them at WalMart with their 7 kids and a box of food stamps on a regular basis (or at Target if they want to shop at an upscale store ha ha ha OK I’m laughing too hard).  It is about time that we all recognized that there is a large group of individuals with multiple rug rats that are draining the welfare system, and it really does need to stop.  Next we just need to do the same for illegal aliens…..

Californians are complaining (who would have thought it) about the 405 being closed down for 56 hours.  Really.  That must suck.  There are roads around me that havew been shut down for 56 days.  Get over yourselves.  You are not important, you do not have a choice in the matter, and more to the point, I don’t give a %^k.  If you don’t like it, move to Nebraska.  They don’t have enough roads to close at any time of the year.

Speaking of CA, I wonder if Arnold will be back?  I seriously doubt it.  Maria should have cut his dick off:-)


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NSA, NASA, dogs, and politics.

As an added bonus to the daily culling of the human race by mishap, misdeed, heart failure, over eating of unhealthy food like Arbys and McDonalds, plane crashes, train wrecks, chemical factory explosions, texting while driving (my personal favorite) and hepatitis, one unlucky member of the group was killed by his own pit bull.  Stories like this really brighten up my day and prove that Darwin was a genious without equal.  There really should be an award for people like this.  Mostly because they won’t live to collect it.

I am quite concerned about the Republican front runners for the presidential nomination.  After watching the debate the other night it seems to me that they really do believe that all the wasted energy they put into their debate will in fact have a positive impact on the voting public.  After I stopped laughing, I realized that the TV debates are just an extension of reality TV that is so far from reality that anyone with a brian would not take it seriously.  Then I remembered the arbitrary nature of the stupid gene and decided that we are all indeed ^&*(%d.

Newt Gingrich thinks NASA is getting in the way of space exploration.  I think he screwed up NASA and NSA because he was thinking about one of the female members of his campaign crew.  Does he even know what NASA stands for?  I bet he knows what NSA stands for……

Ruling Libya for 40 years, and counting………

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Life sucks, and then you die.

Or not, as the case may be.  In fact, life does not necessarily suck, and in some cases it can be quite a lot of fun.  Especially if you follow politics.  The irony involved with the recent Twitter/Weiner debacle can only be descibed as exquisite.  Very rarely do words fail me but in this case I really don’t have anything else to add apart from the usual.  The stupid gene inherits every one of us, Democrat or Republican, and will infect the psyche at any time, night or day.  Beware.

Apparently there was nothing for the bottom feeding press to dig out of the Palin emails released last week, other than the fact that she knows how to use a spell checker, and really did a great job of running the show in Alaska.  Big state, small population, not a great deal to worry about.  She is not fit to run the country though.  Don’t be confused.  I have to bail on this report since I have little time to make my usual sarcastic comments and derogatory remarks related to politics, healthcare, and general human stupidity, but I will be back later tonight.  Stay tuned.  There is f&*$ all on TV.



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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Oops! Late again.

British Petroleum.  I’m still not sure who is at fault but someone had better be strung up by thier testicles for this debacle.  We put a man on the moon but we can’t stop an oil leak.  I know a few people who ride Harley’s with a similar issue, but the scale is a bit smaller.  HD has had years to fix their oil leaks and they still can’t manage to stop the flow, so maybe we should not be giving BP such a hard time.  OK, we should, but we know who not to ask for assistance:-)
van der Sloot under arrest and charged with murder?  No.  Say it is not so.  Of all the fumbled bungled investigations in the last century (barring the O.J Simpson case because that was laughable in its own right) this one is at the top of the list.  I know we all hate lawyers and the court system and the police but they always seem to make it easy for us, since they just can’t seem to get anything right when it comes to convicting the worst offenders the human race can proivide.   This guy is 2 and 0 and still breathing.  Hopefully, it won’t be for much longer.
Barack Obama seems to be struggling in the ratings.  Dancing With The Stars and American Idol are doing OK though.  I often wonder how two shows that are worthless in every respect can get better viewing than the Discovery Channel or the Science Channel, and better ratings than the Pres.  And what about Deadliest Catch?  Still going.  Still catching crabs.  Still in rough seas, and a captian that came back from the dead.  Oh, sorry, the filming was done before he died.  So its not reality TV at all, but history.  And it should be.  They go out to sea, catch crabs and come back.  Lets move on shall we because I’m bored with the repetetive nature of this show.  It would be far more entertaining if the crabs got pissed off and attacked the boats and the crew.  That would make for entertaining TV.
The world cup starts tomorrow.  Like anyone in the USA gives a *&^k.  The US has the world champion baseball team (no other country is allowed to play) and the world champion football team (no other country is allowed to play) so the world champions in baseball and football will allways be a US team.  Nothing like making sure you won’t be embarrassed when the finals are on TV.
Got to get back to my real life now, but I will try to update again tomorrow.  TTFN.
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The Face Of Things To Come.

A quick update to the last entry.  Apparently the death of a 93 year old man prompted the local Electricity suppliers to refrain from cutting off the power in the middle of winter to people who could not pay their bills.  It took the murder of a 93 year old man to make them see the error of their ways.  Maybe if the utility companies are allowed to kill people and THEN realize they made a mistake, we should forgive the military for killing innocent civilians AS WELL as the targets they were aiming at.  Just a thought.
Back to reality.
I had no money invested with Bernie Madoff.  For those of you that did, I have very little sympathy.  Sounds terrible I know, but to be honest all the warnings were there.  No one else could guarantee 10% returns on any investment (except Madoff of course).  All Wall Street had a pretty good idea that something was amiss, but the promise of that extra few % profit was enough to blind all those people that should have known better.  Greed.  Greed got in the way of common sense (not so common as we all know) and intelligence (even more rare) and they all paid the price.  And then they have the temerity to cry about it.  My sympathy lies with the 93 year old man who froze to death in his own home.  Draw your own conclusions.
The shuttle landed safely.  I have noticed that it generally does, assuming it survives the take off.
Currently the lights are going out for Earth Day, but I find it hard to type in the dark, so mine are still on.  I’m with you all, in spirit.
A lawyer was stabbed 38 times in Chicago.  By her husband of all people.  Correct, a female lawyer, stabbed to death by her husband.  We have yet to hear what his excuse (sorry, motive) was.  The odd thing about this story is that there has and always will be a pattern to murders that involve stabbing.   It usually takes more than one stab to actually kill someone.  Generally, get stabbed once and you end up with some stitches (been there done that).  Get stabbed twice, and you get more stitches and possibly, if the assailant knew what he or she was doing, a trip to the ER (rare in most cases).  So where are we going with this?  Well, get stabbed 38 times and you may well get a visit from the grim reaper.  The key here is the number of times you actually need to stab someone to kill them.  It is incredibly difficult unless you manage to hit the heart, lungs, and/or liver, and even then, most victims bleed to death as opposed to actually being killed immediately, which takes time.  I would seriously avoid using a knife to kill someone.  It is extremely messy, takes an inordinate amount of time, and leaves all sorts of evidence for the law enforcement agencies to use in their efforts to find you, assuming you can clean off all the blood and make your escape. 
The Conficker worm.  Which genious came up with that name?  Bad enough that it exists, but why Conficker?  Do they have a group of geeks locked in a padded cell that are used to come up with stupid shit like this, or do they rely on the government like everyone else?
And I’m getting tired of companies using the word "Stimulus" in their advertising campaigns.  Domino’s Pizza is the latest.  I kid you not, pizza stimulus packages.  Bad enough they use that method of selling their wares, but I find it incredibly insulting that they (the corporations, fast food comapnies et al) actually do think that the population in general is that stupid.  Now, where is that hunting knife……
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